Nature: National Wildlife Federation P-22 Griffith Park Arrival

The National Wildlife Federation and its partners will celebrate mountain lion P-22, a Los Angeles icon, with a series of events this October 16-22. P-22 made a remarkable solo journey across two of the busiest freeways in America, becoming a local superstar in the process.

As part of the inaugural Urban Wildlife Week and P-22 Day Festival, a diverse team of environmental advocates, scientists and leaders will retrace P-22’s historic 40-mile trek from the Santa Monica Mountains to his new home in Griffith Park. This unique wildlife walk, led by the Federation’s California Director Beth Pratt-Bergstrom, will showcase how Los Angeles is demonstrating worldwide leadership in urban wildlife conservation and point out vital connections that are still needed for both wildlife and people along the way. Pratt-Bergstrom will carry a life-size P-22 cutout and wear an actual mountain lion tracking collar so that people can follow her journey virtually via Residents and businesses along the route are encouraged to come cheer on the hikers.

Video by Marshall Ross Thompson

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